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Hybrid Minds' shimmering soulful sound is a perfect match for summer's long, lazy days, and nights where memories are made. And, as 2018 sees them embark on a huge international tour, it's clear those vibes connect with people all over the globe. Lucky us then that, somehow, in the midst of multi-hemisphere travel and lighting up huge stages at events like Liquicity, Let it Roll, and a sold-out New Zealand tour, Hybrid Minds have found time to concoct some more studio magic.

And ‘Tapestry’ is powerful. An expansive, slowly-evolving soundscape — the sound of a sunrise — melds into the almost woodwind tone of Emily Jones' voice and captivates us immediately. And then the beat drops in, layered with percussive touches of piano, deftly programmed with as much focus on anticipation-building rests as on the drum hits themselves. A warm endorphin-stimulating bassline and the signature Hybrid Minds melodic sensibility complete the picture.

This is beautiful music made by artists who are as interested in moving our emotions as much as our feet. For many, ‘Tapestry’ will be the soundtrack to everlasting memories of summer 2018.

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