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'Elements', the sophomore album from Hybrid Minds released back in May 2017 firmly cemented the duo's place in the D&B landscape. With a host of talented collaborators across the album they refined and perfected their trademark sound, picking up a legion of new followers along the way.

Since the album was released they have reached out to some of their favourite producers, both established and new to the scene, and have been curating a series of remixes to give a fresh spin to the project, to explore new dimensions and re-imagine the elements. 

Following on from the Benny L and Mitekiss remixes, up next are reworks from two very different, but equally talented new production outfits. Again mixing the rough with the smooth up step the 17 year old wonderkid Signal, with releases Noisia’s Invisible Recordings and Critical under his belt already... alongside the latest signings to Frictions legendary Shogun Audio GLXY.

Josh from Hybrid Minds tells us more. 
"Signal brings an absolutely heavyweight take on ‘Listen feat. Tiffani Juno’. Keeping it techy and rolling with a lot of interesting grooves and switches. He has turned it into a dance floor destroyer. We have been fans of his music for a while and he was an obvious choice when looking for someone to switch things up and turn into a monster!"

"In the last year or so GLXY they have really shown their talent off with their productions heading straight to the top of the class in their style. They were a very obvious choice when looking for a chilled remix of ‘Never Change ft. Grimm’. They have stripped it back and we love the deep vibes they have brought to the track and have been playing it a lot."]

Keep your eyes peeled for the Elements remix album dropping in 2018.

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